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“We are proud to offer our customers the authentic atmosphere of a 1960’s retro café with Greek coffee made with the traditional way”

Channeling the 1960’s, this vintage café, is a wonderful surprise to anyone who makes a stop at Panellinio to park, fill up their car with fuel, or wash their car! The original retro design of Panellinio café is only the beginning of a truly classic experience.  The authentic marbled tables along with their wooden chairs and vintage posters decorating the space give a touch of the nostalgic retro atmosphere of the 1960’s. Travel back in time by reading the 1960’s magazines and newspapers, or by listening to unforgettable Greek and international hit songs from the 1960’s on the Jukebox! Enjoy traditional Greek coffee and taste delicious desserts which used to be served in pastry shops in old Athens, a city of transition that was attempting to adapt to the new wave of modernism while keeping its old traditional elements! All products are Greek, made with pure ingredients and many of them provided in vintage packages!

1960’s Retro Café offering:

Traditional Greek Coffee

Ouzo with meze

Greek spoon sweets

Assortment of other Greek delicacies

Play your favorite song: Travel back in time by listening to unforgettable Greek and English hit songs from 1960’s in the Jukebox! -€0.50 for 2 songs

 Opening Times:07.00am-15.00pm. Monday-Friday

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