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We use ISTOBAL, the leader in car wash solutions providing the latest technology in automatic car wash services. Your car is cared by two of our trained people using special cleanser and wax.”  

Your car is probably the most valuable possession you own after your home! Here at Panellinio we strive for nothing less than perfection.  This isn’t just a place to throw soap and water on your car! This is an experience that you and your car won’t forget. At Panellinio, our friendly staff clean cars in Metaxourgeio with only the highest quality services using the latest ISTOBAL car wash technology, taking care of the details to protect your vehicle. While we take care of your car, feel free to enjoy our Greek retro style café and shop. Meanwhile, your car will be enjoying one of our many services:

Open: 12 hours [6am-10pm, Mon-Sun]

Car Wash Services:

ServicesDurationRateSpecial Discount
Exterior wash IX8 mins 5€4€ for Taxis
Exterior wash SUV8 mins 6€N/A
Interior wash IX10-15 mins 5€4€ for Taxis
Interior wash SUV10-15 mins 6€N/A
Inside -Out wash (slow or speed mode) IX30 mins10€6€ for Taxis
Inside -Out wash (slow or speed mode) SUV30 mins12€N/A
Biological Quality Cleaning IX5 hours75€N/A
Biological Quality Cleaning SUV6 hours100€N/A
Salon/Interior Cleaning 1,5 hour40€N/A
Salon/Interior Cleaning (per seat)60 minutes10€N/A
Salon/Interior Cleaning (back seats)60 minutes20€N/A

1-2 people will handle the car throughout the process

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