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1960’s revived at a 21st century garage

Panellinio revives the city’s past along with its own past and rich history with respect for authenticity. Panellinio’s renovation was challenging and time consuming as it required a lot of detailed work and effort, however the result speaks for itself! The dedication to bring Panellinio back to the way it looked back in the 1960’s is evident in the restoration and we are confident that you will share the love for the authentic and vintage with us!

The Restoration Process
  • We relied on old black and white photographs which we found at the station in order to replace the windows with metal frames as they had been in the original building in the 1960’s. The only difference made is that we placed double glass windows in order to secure heat and sound insulation.  

  • The construction of mosaic floors was undertaken by a crew of craftsmen who are experienced with creating old mosaic floors. We followed exactly the same traditional technique to construct them! 
  • For the restrooms, we used 15 x 15 cm black and white tiles as they used to be in the 1960’s. All sinks, soap dispensers, paper boxes and so on, were purchased from sanitary ware shops who still had old items in stock. 

  • Our new furniture was made in collaboration with a factory which produces small handmade furniture. All drawings were based on old furniture photos which were made in collaboration with experienced craftsmen. The chairs, the fridge and all decorative items are authentic vintage items that were purchased from antique shops and restored.

Our desire is that all customers and visitors gain a unique experience during their stay in Panellinio! Travel back in time with us and feel the nostalgic and sweet atmosphere that Panellinio holds!  

Towards excellence and environmental safety, Panellinio adheres to best practices.

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