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“We anticipate what our customers needs”

Fuel Categories

  • Unleaded 95 octane
  • Diesel
  • Premium Diesel /Diesel Avio

Customer Information

  • Open: 6am-00.00am
  • Certified EKO fuel [Greek petrol company]
  • Quality Unadulterated gas

Wallbe® Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Panellinio, as a historical point of Athens and maintaining its vintage aesthetics, acquired its own electric charging station Wallbe® Premium, enabling owners of electric vehicles to supply their vehicles with energy while contributing to the new way of ecological transportation which is the future of the car.

It is an optimal combination of high-performance technology and state of the art design which provides high charging efficiency in a short time, with the ability to charge two vehicles simultaneously.

Each car owner interested in charging vehicle can check the availability of a seat at the respective charging station through the special online application Wallbe- Electromotivo and pay for the charging service through their debit/credit card.

Cost/Kwh: 0,55€ (with VAT), plus 6.00€(parking fee for 24hours)

We accept EKO cards (for commercial use) to collect points. For more information here

Fuel Prices available here

While filling up your vehicle with us, we provide you with the following services for free: 

  • Courtesy window cleaning
  • Engine oil level check
  • Tyre pressure check

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